The Peacemaker (#73)

As someone who’s a fan of that particular brand of 90s post-Cold War peripheral quasi-political action movie where the Russians are the arbitrary bad guys (achoo, The Saint), I enjoyed this. It’s George Clooney early in his film career, so he’s still a little restrained, and Nicole Kidman is positively pristine. I love it when female directors pull off action films, and Mimi Leder does a very solid job here (even if she’s not overly inspired and went on to direct the depressing Thick As Thieves/The Code). While the beginning and certain sections drag in self indulgence, it’s good on the whole and features a great car sequence with Clooney and Kidman, whose relationship evolves really nicely. I don’t know if I’d go out of my way to watch it again, but I liked it and it’s streaming on Netflix.