Intolerable Cruelty (#59/60)*

This definitely didn’t play the way I expected it to, which I suppose is my fault for assuming something straightforward and more-or-less mainstream from a film from the Coen Brothers. It’s kind of bizarre and done in such a mildly over the top way that I’m sure some scenes are going to be dream sequences even though they aren’t. You know I always love George Clooney, but he’s guilty of the O Brother Where Art Thou?-esque over acting that only elicits no complaints because it’s a Coen picture. Catherine Zeta-Jones is similarly over done in her acting, though rather than verging on goofy as George does, she sticks to strict ice queen. There are some funny moments though, and Paul Adelstein as George’s weepy-romantic fellow divorce attorney is downright hysterical. All in all though, it’s not that I disliked the movie, I just didn’t really like it.

(I paused St. Ives part way through to watch this with a friend, hence the double listing.)